Ryan Bridges

Author of Tomorrow 2019 - Ryan Bridges

Cold by Ryan Bridges (age 18) is shortlisted for the 2019 Author of Tomorrow. 

A fire-based religion holds the majority of the medieval kingdom's power. Malcolm Darkfire, a devoted follower the religion and adopted son of the head priest, is tasked with investigating a small mining town called Sparkhill. When Malcolm decides to go beyond his mission, he pays a terrible price for his arrogance.

  1. What is your favourite book? 

My favorite book would have to be "Six of Crows" by Leigh Bardugo. It's a story that has a high level of excitement, adventure, and intriguing character relationships that I'd like to achieve in my own stories.

2. Who is your favourite author?  Or one who has inspired you and why?

George R. R. Martin is easily my favorite author. He's expansiveworld-building and unique characters inspire me to grow as not only a writer but also as a fiction author.

3. What was your favourite subject at school? 

My favorite subject has always been English. Literature has been my path to deeper thought and understanding of the world and the people in it. This is why I'm an English major.

4. What does ‘adventure writing’ mean to you? Why did you choose to try your hand at an adventure story?

Adventure writing to me is about discovery. It's about learning what kind of person you are and the limits of your abilities. This applies to the characters, readers, and writers. I like adventure because it allows me to learn more about myself.

5. If you could ask an author anything, what would you want to know? 

I'd love to know what emotion, experience, or thought that they hold onto when they write. I believe that there is something very personal that we all draw on when we write and allows us to tap into some truth. I'd want to know theirs.

6. Who would you consider one of your heroes and why? (This does not have to be a writer...)

Kate Bornstein is certainly one of my heroes. I have a deep admiration for those that use their writing to reveal some hidden or ignored truth or exposes the flaws in a commonly held belief. That is what I want my writing to do as well.

7. What is the most adventurous thing you would like to do, or place you would like to visit and why?

I'd like to travel the world to places that need assistance and volunteer my abilities. I want to help people not only with my writing but in any other way I can too. This is why I'm considering joining the Peace Corps after college.

8. Where do you find inspiration for your stories? (Books, historical events, famous adventurers/explorers, news etc.)

My inspirations comes a lot from the stories and novels that fascinated me as a child. They were the things that made a lonely day so much better. The idea of my story making someone feel a little less alone drives me to write.

9. If you could time travel, where would you go and why

I would travel to the Age of Discovery in the Americas. It marks a period in time when the world seemed enormous, wild, and new. Anything was possible and there was adventure around every corner.

10. What three words would you use to describe your story?

Identity, discovery, and tragedy.