The Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Prize closed for submissions on 1st March 2019. The 2020 Prize will reopen for submissions in January 2020. 

How do I enter? 

The Prize is split into two separate categories – an award for the best published adventure novel and a award for the best unpublished manuscript by a debut author. We only accept fiction.

Award Details

Best Published Novel | Prize: £15,000

  • Novels must be published by a recognised trade publisher
  • Entrants may submit multiple works by the same author so long as they are published between 1st May 2018 - 30th April 2019. Proof copies will be accepted
  • Entries must be submitted digitally, as a .pdf file. We are also able to accept .epub and .mobi files

Best Unpublished Manuscript | Prize: Publishing deal with Bonnier Books UK

The winner will have their manuscript published by Bonnier Books UK, in a publishing deal with a writer's advance of £15,000. The book will be published in 2020. 

In addition, each of the shortlisted writers will receive three months of one-to-one manuscript development with literary consultant, David Llewelyn, intended to help each writer reach the standard necessary for submission to agents and publishers.

  • Submissions must exceed 50,000 words in length, the ideal length is 75,000+ words
  • The author must not be represented by a literary agent
  • The author must not already have a novel published by a recognised trade publisher
  • Self-published books are eligible
  • Entries must be submitted digitally, ideally as a .pdf
  • Entrants may submit multiple works

Read the full submission criteria for both categories here.

Our definition of adventure writing can be found here.

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