After reading over 600 submissions from across the world, we are delighted to reveal the ten-strong shortlist and commendations for the 2021 Author of Tomorrow award. 

We were impressed with the technical skill but also the thoughtfulness shown by so many of the writers, many of whom tackled particularly mature themes such as race and mortality in their work this year. An adventure story must take you on a journey, but many of these also made us think, taught us something new, and opened our eyes to a different perspective. 

The creativity these young writers possess is inspiring and we would like to say a huge congratulations to everyone who took part. 

11 and under | Up to 500 words:

Read more about the writers here.

12-15 years | 1500-5000 words:

Read more about the writers here.

16-21 years | 1500-5000 words:

Read more about the writers here.

Each of the ten shortlisted authors will work with our partners at Worldreader, to have their stories edited and digitally published. Each of the stories will also now go to our young judging panel who will be responsible for deciding the final winner of each category, to be announced at an online ceremony in September 2021. 

Commended Entries:

We are commending further entries in each age category, due to the high number of standout submissions. All of these young writers will also receive a certificate of commendation in September and feedback on their manuscripts over the summer months. The following were chosen for the writer's skill, captivating voice, and 'unputdownability' of the finished story: 

A huge thank you to the readers and reviewers who volunteered their time with us to read each of the stories submitted. 

The winner of this year's Author of Tomorrow will be revealed at a special online ceremony on 15th September 2021. In the meantime, keep up to date via our newsletter and twitter @Wilbur_Niso_Fdn.