The 2018 £15,000 Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Prize is open for submissions. Entry is open to writers of any nationality, writing in English. 

We are seeking to support and celebrate established and aspiring adventure writers across the following categories:

    • Best Published Novel: £15,000 
    • Best Unpublished Manuscript: £7,500 Writer's Adventure Research Award and mentoring from Wilbur's agents at Tibor Jones
    • Author of Tomorrow (short stories by young people aged 21 and under): £1,500 and digital publication with  Worldreader
What is an adventure story?

It is a novel in which an adventure takes the main storyline. It often overlaps with other genres: thriller, crime, historical fiction, even fantasy or science fiction. While not all of these books are adventures, adventure stories often take these settings, add a pacey plot and focus on a hero within that world. 

The 2018 Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing will go to a novel/manuscripts that:

    • Take the reader on an epic journey, exploring new horizons - be they historical or geographical
    • Explores the themes of courage, endurance resourcefulness
    • Allows readers to connect with different realities and cultures

Deadline: 12th March 2018

Full submission guidelines available here.