Corban Addison video diaries from Gabon

Last year, our 2016 Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Prize winner for ‘Best Published Author’, Corban Addison, visited Gabon in West Africa as part of a research trip for his next book.

Corban stayed in the Bush with local guides and set out each day to trek through the National Parks. He spotted wildlife, from hippos to gorillas to rare servals, passed thriving settlements and was treated to a traditional village dance put on by the men of the village. Corban documented his experiences in a series of video diaries for us, which we’ve compiled below.
These video diaries provide a sneak-peak into Corban’s daily adventures in Gabon, and how they influenced his writing.

Here, Corban talks about why he's in Gabon and the National Park that he’ll be heading to.

 Corban takes a bush taxi to Tchibanga and describes the small village there.

Corban talks about his first day trekking through Moukalaba Doudou National Park and what wildlife he spots. 

Another day of National Park trekking, but with some surprise guests. Corban also visits a settlement that grows and sells cassava and bananas.

During a 10-mile walk, Corban spots gorillas and a rare serval. That evening, he is treated to a dinner, followed by a dance performed by the men of the village at their traditional village meeting place.

Corban is in Imbani and sees some unusual wildlife in the river.

Corban reinstates why he chose to go to Gabon, what he achieved and how this will help him to write his next book.

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