Cave Diver by Jacob P. Avila (Australia)

Cave Diver by Jacob P. Avila (Winner 2020)

After controversially losing his wife in a cave diving accident, acclaimed explorer Rob Nash has developed a secret terror of confined spaces. Dumped by sponsors, shunned by friends, the quest for a WW2 treasure submarine in a bottomless Papuan cavern offers the opportunity to resurrect a stellar career. But as the salvage expedition winds its way upriver, greed and ideology fracture alliances. Nash soon learns the price of redemption will consume his last reserves of self-belief. Not only must he battle his demons but vanquish fanatics hell-bent on unleashing a monstrous weapon lost in the depths for over seventy years.

About the author: Jacob P. Avila is a full-time writer with a BA in Writing and Information Technology. He has a background in freelance journalism writing on politics, culture, technology, and sport, and taught secondary English for ten years. In 2019, he won the Adventure Writer’s Competition Clive Cussler Grandmaster Award for Cave Diver. 

Currently, Jacob P. Avila is writing a saga on the fall of civilization and will complete book one of the trilogy by the end of 2020. 

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