Nothing Left to Lose by Danny Singer

Danny Singer, with his manuscript-in-progress, Nothing Left to Lose, is a 2023 New Voices writer. Congratulations, Danny.

When a commercial flight vanishes into thin air, James, an ex-MI6 agent awaits its arrival at an abandoned Soviet airbase in Eastern Tajikistan, offering the two hundred hopefuls on board a chance to freely redefine their lives. Inspired by the mystery surrounding the disappearance of flight MH370 in March 2014, Nothing Left To Lose uses a similar sequence of events as the starting point for an epic enquiry into the limits of human freedom and conscious self-definition. The novel constructs an intricate web of narrative threads combining the shadowy worlds of secret services, the dark web, and cryptocurrencies with a close examination of the emotional dramas prompting two of the passengers to join the vanishing flight.

Pauline is a British woman trapped in an abusive marriage living with unresolved childhood trauma. When her son commits suicide, she stumbles upon an incredible chance of escape on the dark web. Rami is a young Israeli computer geek in love with his childhood crush, Amara, a girl from a Palestinian refugee camp near Jerusalem. Their relationship is hopeless. Years later, Pauline, now Simone, is living in New Zealand and is finally able to confront her emotional ghosts. On a secluded island off the coast of Mozambique, Rami & Amara cannot overcome their cultural hangups, realising that their past will forever haunt them.

About Danny: Having spent his younger years as a Military Intelligence Officer, Danny had some degree of first-hand insight into the workings of the secret security services, which helped him hone some of the finer details of Nothing Left to Lose. A Pure Mathematics graduate, he lives in Sussex with his family and runs a British technology company. A longstanding interest in the existentialist notions of choice and free will has provided the conceptual backdrop for his debut novel. Over the past three years he has completed three fiction-writing courses with the Faber Academy.