Version Ultra by Gabrielle Hew

Gabrielle Hew, with her manuscript-in-progress, Version Ultra, is a 2023 New Voices writer. Congratulations, Gabby.

Set against the hectic sprawl of Lower Manhattan, Version Ultra follows the prodigal return of Hamish, a decorated scholar who spent fifteen years embarking on a psychedelic drug-fueled odyssey across the Latin American subcontinent. While he was busy chewing the betel and practicing witchcraft, one of his daughters grew to become a perfectionist at the height of delusion; the other a prolific drunkard excelling in the art of Doing Nothing. In their own unique ways, the three family members navigate the treacherous terrain of academic elitism, the pageantry of the new rich, and the irresistible allure of human destructiveness.

About Gabrielle: Gabrielle Hew is a copy editor, journalist, and adjunct instructor in New York City. She obtained her MA in Journalism and Documentary Practice from the University of Sussex. In 2021, her film Renegade premiered to high acclaim at the Ojo de Agua International Film Festival. In 2018, her documentary, Anna Ozawa Illuminator, was awarded Official Selection at NewFilmmakers New York AltFest. She enjoys baking, journaling, and all things tea.