Sharing a story is a powerful way to connect with other readers. It can help you to realise or question your own beliefs and opinions, and consider those of others. We support this exchange of ideas by providing resources, facilitated by the authors shortlisted for the annual Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Prize. Take these to your book group or listen alone, and take on board what the authors have to say.

You can access the interviews and download the discussion sheets from the 2022 Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Prize below.

The Apollo Murders by Chris Hadfield

Download: The Apollo Murders discussion sheet.

Where Blood Runs Cold by Giles Kristian

Download: Where Blood Runs Cold discussion sheet.

The Vacation by John Marrs

Download: The Vacation discussion sheet.

The Plant Hunter by T.L. Mogford

Download: The Plant Hunter discussion sheet.

Sankofa by Chibundu Onuzo

Download: Sankofa discussion sheet.

Moonlight and the Pearler's Daughter by Lizzie Pook

Download: Moonlight and the Pearler's Daughter discussion sheet.

If you have any questions, or just want to let us know how your book club got on with any of these titles, we’d love to hear from you.