In 2016 we hosted the inaugural Wilbur Smith Author of Tomorrow award. The competition is open to young people aged up to and including 21 years, who have submitted a short piece of adventure writing. We have been working with all three shortlisted writers from 2016 to take their stories to the next stage.

Working with our partner, the non-profit organisation, Worldreader, we have been able to provide a platform for our authors’ work to be digitally published. After experiencing a light copy edit, the design of a beautiful cover to suit their stories and the digitisation process, their stories are now part of Worldreader’s digital library of over 45,000 titles, available in 53 countries. 

Cover design by Marina Martín Solano

About Worldreader:

Established in 2010, Worldreader work empower people across the developing world, seeing a future where everyone is a reader. Believing in the transformative power of literacy, they want to use books to enable every child and family to improve their lives. 

Using low-cost technology, such as e-readers, tablets and mobile phones, Worldreader provide access to their online platforms to areas of the world with low levels of literacy. Their online platforms host a personalised digital library, curated to find the most relevant and compelling content for their readers. With access to this resource, Worldreader know that the English literacy skills of the young people who engage with them improve by more than 50%.

Our Partnership:

The Author of Tomorrow seeks and supports talented, young, adventure writers. Our partnership with Worldreader has allowed these three brilliant writers to send their work out into the world.

Alice, Alex and Rory’s stories are now available to the public, raising the profile of adventure writing and, by being published on Worldreader, they are also contributing to the fight to raise global literacy levels.

Congratulations Alice, Alex and Rory!

You can read the complete stories by downloading the free Worldreader app or visiting on a mobile or tablet.