We seek to develop the most talented, aspiring adventure writers. Whether you are new to writing or if you already have a complete manuscript, we support all individuals seeking to progress in their craft.

We provide access to industry expertise through online talks and workshops.

Upcoming Events:

  • Exploring the Gothic with Craig Russell - 20th April, 6.30pm. Book now>>
  • Writing Crime with Abir Mukherjee & Amer Anwar - 11th May, 6.30pm 
  • Sense of Place with Maggie Ritchie - 15th June, 6.30pm
  • Narrative Drive with Sara Sheridan - 6th July, 6.30pm

All events are free to attend. Booking opens two weeks beforehand via our partners at Pen to Print. In the meantime, you can watch recordings of a number of past sessions below.

Editing Fiction: The Art of the Editor with Alison Hennessey

About the event: Alison Hennessey, Publishing Director at Raven Books, Bloomsbury, talks you through how to catch an editor’s eye, what makes her fall in love with a book, and what happens after you’ve secured that all important publishing deal. 

How does your manuscript become a finished book? What do the different editorial stages – structural, line, copy edit and proofread – involve? And what are common issues or pitfalls that commissioning editors see in manuscripts, and how can you fix them?

This video will give you the inside scoop on the editorial process, from acquisition through to publication and beyond, with plenty of advice along the way on how to make your manuscript as strong as it can be before you submit it to agents or publishers. You can follow Alison on twitter @Alison_Edits

Literary Representation: The Role of a Literary Agent with Becky Thomas

About the event: Becky talks you through the process of finding and securing an agent for your work, as well as what you can expect from an agent once you have signed with them, what aspects of your career they can get involved in, and why agents are so important.

She discusses the dos and don’ts of submitting to an agent, how to find the right one for you and what is important from an agent’s perspective. Becky explains the process from submitting your manuscript to what would happen once you’ve got representation, and everything in-between, including changing markets, varied approaches and different types of rights exploitation, demystifying the role along the way. This is the full lowdown!

You can follow Becky on twitter @IAmBeckish

Craft Seminars: Writing Historical Fiction with Imogen Robertson

About the event: Imogen Robertson, critically acclaimed author, talks you through the highs and lows of writing historical fiction, offering top research tips and acknowledging the pitfalls to be avoided.

History offers us a myriad inspiring stories, and a wealth fascinating characters to spark the imagination, and historical fiction remains a favourite of readers and critics alike as demonstrated by the blockbuster careers of writers as varied as Hilary Mantel and Bernard Cornwall, Sarah Waters and Wilbur Smith. 

But how do writers create these lost worlds and make them real for their readers? How as writers do we find inspiration, colour and voice in the archives? How do you manage your research alongside your writing? What are the particular pleasures and challenges of historical writing? You can follow Imogen on twitter @RobertsonImogen

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