We seek to develop the most talented, aspiring adventure writers. Whether new writers or those already writing, we support all individuals seeking to progress in their craft. For these writers, we provide access to vital resources; in the form of time, space, expertise and publishing opportunities.

The publishing sector has changed dramatically over the last ten years. The increase of digital technology means that although it is now easier to send your book out into the world, it is more challenging than ever more challenging to become a successful author.

Case Study: Worldreader and the Authors of Tomorrow

In 2016, three young authors were shortlisted for the Wilbur Smith Author of Tomorrow Award - a prize for writers aged 21 years and under who submit a short piece of adventure writing. The three shortlisted titles were by Alice Sargent, UK; Alex Atkinson, Belize; and Rory Hinshelwood, UK.

2016 Author of Tomorrow shortlist, cover design by Marina Martín Solano

We work with the NGO Worldreader to provide a platform for these young writers, and in turn support Worldreader's wider mission of increasing global literacy through digital technology. Each story is available to read in Worldreader's library, reaching readers in 53 different countries.

Alice Sargent told us that before the Author of Tomorrow, 

‘I had never actually attempted writing adventure stories, so this award has also inspired me to explore unfamiliar writing styles and genres in the future. The competition has broadened my horizons, both in the literary and geographical sense.’

You can read the complete stories by downloading the free Worldreader app or visiting read.worldreader.org on a mobile or tablet and searching for Wilbur Smith as publisher.