Wilbur Smith - Founder and Trustee

For more information about Wilbur please see his official website and Facebook page.

Niso Smith - Founder and Trustee

MD Wilbur Smith enterprise. More information about Niso can be found here.

Matt Coward - Trustee

More information about Matt Coward can be found here.

Keith Chapman - Patron

Keith Chapman became Patron of The Wilbur and Niso Smith Foundation in 2018. Founder of Keith Chapman Productions, Keith is one of the most successful creators of kids’ IP in the world. His TV creations have generated combined sales of over $12billion worldwide to date. His first creation was the global phenomenon and Bafta award-winning Bob the Builder, with 18 series in 240 territories. Keith’s latest creation, Paw Patrol is currently the No. 1 rated preschool show worldwide. Through his creations, Keith has given endless joy to millions of children (and parents) around the world.

Kate Silverton - Patron

Kate Silverton became Patron of The Wilbur and Niso Smith Foundation in 2017. Kate is one of the BBC’s main national news broadcasters and has reported from Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as presenting a wide range of prime time BBC One programmes. Kate is a wife and a mother to two young children. She works with a number of children’s mental health charities and has started training to become a children’s counsellor. More information about Kate can be found on her personal website at katesilverton.com