Across the world, there are currently 114 million young people lacking literacy skills. 

Literacy is the pathway to a better quality of life. It has the power to improve health and diminish poverty for individuals, families and communities, and is fundamental to economic and social progress. We believe that the value of a storybook is equal to that of a textbook and admire a creative approach to increasing literacy levels.

Adventure Writing Resources

We have a number of free to download resources for children and young people, or teachers working with them, below. You can follow the lesson plans or undertake the exercises independently. Everything you need is contained within the resource. 

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KS2: reading age 7-11 years

Download: Thunderbolt School Resource Pack - extracts and exercises for two lessons focusing on Conservation; Adventure Writing; Travel Writing; Defending the Seas; Coral Reefs

Download: Cloudburst School Resource Pack - exercises for four lessons focusing on Literacy; Geography; PSHE; RSHE; Drama; and Design, Art and Technology

Download: The Wild Robot School Resource Pack - exercises for six one-hour Literacy lessons

KS3: reading age 11-14 years

Download: Supersaurs School Resource Pack - exercises for six one-hour English lessons

For young adults and adults:

Download: A Guide to Writing a Short Adventure Story

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